Petia Kolibova

Meditation Practitioner

Petia Kolibova

Originally from the Czech Republic, now living in Las Vegas, Petia studied Zen Meditation under Sifu Jc Cox. She also had the opportunity to compete in 2 NPC competitions (National Physique Committee, the largest armature body building organization in the US.)

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a Master’s in Business Administration Petia worked in social media marketing for 6 years. Nature and well being were always Petia’s biggest passions so when she realized that she was struggling to have balance in her life she discovered meditation.

“I believe that patience and consistency are the keys to success. My purpose is to help others feel good now, here in this moment, regardless of what is going on in their lives. Today, I’m using my experience from fitness competitions I have participated in, with my spiritual growth, to empower others to build a life that feels good on the inside not just looks on the outside.”

If you speak to most people that are successful, many of them practice and attribute their success to meditation. Petia’s knowledge and experience will help you to remember what is really important in life for a complete and happy, balanced existence.

If you wish to contact Petia directly for more details on guided meditation, please click the e-mail link below.