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What the health industry doesn't want you to know.

By Jeff Kessler

Are body builders chunky based on their height and weight? How about line backers? Are they out of condition? Look at a gymnast. Generally, they have smaller builds, but larger muscles so it is likely that their BMI assessment would not read properly. Why then would you trust in an 80% accurate body fat read when no one else does?

The BMI assessment is based on your weight, squared by your height, but it does not take into consideration your muscle mass, bone density, age, sex, or fat distribution. So why then is the BMI still being used? The word is, there is nothing equally efficient and it does calculate up to 80% accuracy. In my opinion “80% accuracy” is not very accurate and the most efficient, least expensive, time saving, fastest results getting tool is you. You know your body better than anyone else. You know if you could stand to lose a few pounds. You do not need a measuring device to decide if it is time to slim down.

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Imagine how you would react of you went to the doctor or a healthy club and they performed the BMI assessment with the results saying that you were obese. (According to BMI, if you are 30 pounds over weight, you are considered obese.) After you pick yourself up off the floor in shock, they hit you with hard, health risks facts about being obese such as Heart Disease, Stroke, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cancer, Gallbladder  Disease, Gall Stones, Osteoarthritis, Gout, Breathing Issues, Sleep Apnea and Asthma building on your fears, discomforts and feels of failure.  What do most people do?  Run out and join the gym, buy vitamins, get on a diet, invest in supplements, etc… All of this stems from your BMI read or misread in this case.  Don’t drink the Kool Aid.  You know what you need to do, not go out and do it.

Please check this Men’s Health link to offer more information on how the BMI is not a good resource of determining your overall health.

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