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An All-Inclusive, Health and Nutrition Program, For Life.
Your Well Being is Our #1 Priority!

Mission Statement

To inspire, educate and help people live a healthy lifestyle forever.

Our Secret To Health

The "Secret" is…there is no secret.
You're too smart to fall for that old trick.

What makes KHW an effective and powerful system is our team of professionals, coupled with our club design.

Each area specialist has been hand picked, from all areas of the health industry,  to work with and help you succeed in achieving your wellness goals.

By offering KHW in a fun, social and supportive environment, it gives you the ability to overcome your mental, physical and nutritional obstacles.

Plus, you will feel empowered through the encouragement of other club members who are going through similar hurdles.

Kessler's Healthy Way is a revolutionary approach when it comes to healthy living. There are no other services offering this type of comprehensive program. Now, you can enjoy all of the benefits and rejoice in knowing that the opportunity that you have been looking for has finally arrived.

Our Team Of Professionals


1. Our Area Specialists will meet with you several times a month.

During these sessions you will get to participate and learn how to implement healthy living into your daily routine.

2. As they say, "There is strength in numbers."

Being that we are a club, you will join in with a fun group of people to further your knowledge and be motivated to stay on track.

3. As a Kessler's Healthy Way member, you will not workout.

Our Accredited, Certified, Personal Trainer/Health Coach will share with you methods to move and play.

Once a month you will meet with our Personal Trainer / Health Coach for fun, physical outings.

Our vision for movement is balance.

Below are just a few activities that you will be able to enjoy

Walks at the Park
5K's / Obstacle Courses
Paddle Boarding

Rock Climbing
Trampoline Jumping
Dancing / Martial Arts

Spa Day
Healing Oils


 If you wish, you will be given the opportunity to post your own physical outings during the week and invite other club members to join you.

(All club member functions are considered "Unofficial Activities" and KHW is not responsible for any aspect of these outings.)

(All club member functions must be preapproved before being posted.)


We don't have weigh-ins, cheat days, sell supplements, eliminate carbs. or believe in deprivation of any kind.
These misleading concepts will be eliminated from your life once overall wellness is your driving force.

But Wait!!! There's More!

You will also have the ability to take part in our seminars and special events. These functions are offered sporadically throughout the year to inspire, motivate and increase your knowledge for greater success.

How far will you go with a comprehensive health and nutrition service, the wisdom of 7 experts and a crew of people encouraging you to achieve your goals?


"If you are facing in the right direction, all you need to do is keep on walking."
- Buddhist saying

How To Get Started

Kindly fill out and submit your application.


Membership is exclusive.

Each prospective must be evaluated for readiness, intent, medical condition and approved before becoming a member of Kessler's Healthy Way.

We offer 2 ways for you to be assessed and processed:

  1. Live Interview - A representative will meet with you, one on one, to go over and complete your analysis in person. We ask that you bring any Doctor release forms if necessary.
  2. Phone Interview - If you are approved via the phone, you will receive 50% off your enrollment fee.

If a Doctor's release is necessary, we require that you FAX or e-mail us a copy of the document to complete your application.


If you are not ready to feel better, have more energy and look great we ask that you not contact us. We are accepting applications, but only for people who are ready, willing and able to make changes in their lives.

Are you ready?! Great!

Lets get started.

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