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An All-Inclusive, Health and Nutrition Program, For Life.
Your Well Being is Our #1 Priority!

Mission Statement

To inspire, educate and help people live a healthy lifestyle forever.


The "Secret" is…there is no secret.
You're too smart to fall for that old trick.

What makes KHW an effective and powerful system, is we make it fun and easy to incorporate into your busy life.

How? Our team of professionals, from all areas of the health industry, share with you the best techniques and because we are a club, fellow members will offer you the support you need to succeed. It's just that simple.


1. Our highly trained experts will meet with you several times a month.

During these sessions you will get to participate and learn how to implement healthy living into your daily routine.

2. As they say, "There is strength in numbers."

Being that we are a club, you will join in with a group of like minded people to further your knowledge, be motivated and inspired to stay on the healthy track.

3. Diet?! We don't diet at Kessler's Healthy Way

Diets are meant to go off and on. KHW is a life long system. Our Registered Dietitian and Chefs will teach you how to prepare your own delicious meals at home. They will also incorporate how to eat out, attend parties and holiday functions plus, grocery shop to find the best choices of food.

4. KHW members do not workout.

Our Accredited, Certified, Personal Trainer/Outdoor Specialist will share methods with you to move and play that are easy, enjoyable and gets results.

Our vision for movement is balance.

From fun in the sun adventures to relaxing spa days, you will get to experience it all and celebrate living life to the fullest.

Lets not forget about the meditation and massage, now we are talking complete balance in movement.

5. You cannot achieve overall wellness without including your mind.

To understand why you do what you do, your eating habits, relationship with getting and being healthy is what you need to succeed. Once you face and embrace these adjustments with the assistance of our Doctor of Psychology, you will be unstoppable.


 If you wish, you will be given the opportunity to post your own physical outings during the week and invite other club members to join you.

(All club member functions are considered "Unofficial Activities" and KHW is not responsible for any aspect of these outings.)

(All club member functions must be preapproved before being posted.)


We don't have weigh-ins, cheat days, sell supplements, eliminate carbs. or believe in deprivation of any kind.
These misleading concepts will be eliminated from your life once overall wellness is your driving force.

But Wait!!! There's More!

You will also have the ability to take part in our seminars and special events. These functions are offered sporadically throughout the year to inspire, motivate and increase your knowledge for greater success.

How far will you go with a comprehensive health and nutrition service, the wisdom of 7 experts and a crew of people encouraging you to achieve your goals?